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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas Movie Review : Miracle on 34th Street

'Miracle on 34th Street' has two verisons, one is in black and white with a remake in color. Both are good movies with the original classic being slightly better. Much of the story centers around whether or not Kris Kringle, who is hired to play Santa in Macys, is really who he says he is or crazy. Some of the action is the store, the heroine's apartment, and court room.

Is he really Santa? You the viewer decide.

Original is a Four. Remake about a Three.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Christmas Movie Review : The Santa Clause trilogy

'The Santa Clause' is a delightful twist on the Santa Claus mythos with a strong and touching story line, great supporting cast, and humor, despite the fart from the reindeer. The newly found father/son bond despite a falling out over the divorce of his parents, the great lines from the head elf, and the shrink who thinks the main character is crazy, makes this movie a must see.

A four and half.

'The Santa Clause 2' has some very silly moments beginning with the meeting of the Legendary Leaders at the North Pole and the silly full sized plastic Santa who nearly wrecks havoc on the holiday. What makes this movie is the courtship between Santa Scott and his son's principal. Not to mention the introduction of Lucy, the daughter of Scott's ex-wife and her new husband. Of, and let us not forget Chet, the reindeer in training.

A three and half.

'The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause' is probably the worst of the three. Focusing on Jack Frost wanting to be Santa and turn the holiday into a consumer nightmare. The hero of this film is Lucy.

A two. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Christmas Movie Review : Homeless for the Holidays

This week begins the Christmas Movie Review series beginning with the blogger's newest film, 'Homeless for the Holidays'.

On the upside, this film reflects the current economic conditions and a family living 'the good life' who suddenly find themselves having to face financial ruin due to the husband's job loss. There are beautiful moments with the family reconnecting, learning what is really important, and giving to those less fortunate.

Although based on a true story, using a narrator is a bit tacky, and quite a bit of over acting to the point of silliness. Not to mention way too much goodie-goodie and not enough reality to match the circumstances.

Good for one watch only and on a scale of one to five, with one the lowest and five the highest, this film is about a two and half.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Movie Review ; The Mark

Wow! Want to talk about a perfect blend of entertainment suitable for both secular and Christian audiences.

The film opens with a first trial human experiment in a cargo container on the docks in Bangkok, guarded by mercenaries who are attacked by Ninja type fighters. Most are killed except for Chad Turner who accidentally becomes a very valuable commodity for Avanti, a company waiting to announce a huge break through at a global conference in Berlin.

Most of the action takes place on a flight flying between Bangkok and Berlin. Some of the action reminds the viewer of 'Air Force One' with a hijacking attempt to capture 'the mark' Chad, executed hostages, and wounded pilots. Not to mention some twists very similar to the plane scenes in 'Left Behind'.

'The Mark' is an excellent film full of action, political intrigue and exotic locations. Not to mention happenings that could be ripped from today's headlines and realistic yet frightening future.

Out of five stars, one being the lowest and five the highest, this film is five.